About Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park Neighborhood

The Lincoln Park Neighborhood of Mankato, Minnesota is named after the small triangular park in the northern portion of the district, dating back to the civil war period and named in honor of President Lincoln.  This small, pie-shaped piece of land in what was historically one of Mankato’s most exclusive neighborhoods is generally regarded as the first true city park in Mankato.

Today the Lincoln Park Neighborhood continues to be one of the most intact examples of well-maintained late 19th and 20th century residential neighborhoods in outstate Minnesota, and was known as the city’s “silk stocking district” where wealthy merchants and businesspeople of the day resided. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995, with 245 historically contributing buildings on the register, all constructed between 1856 and 1930, and comprising a wide range of architectural styles, including Greek Revival, French Second Empire, Italianate, Queen Anne, Craftsman and Colonial Revival. Brief summaries of the specific architecture and history of the contributing properties (where available), can be found in this copy of that National Register of Historic Places Registration Form.

Lincoln Park Neighborhood is also where author Maud Hart Lovelace grew up, and provided much of the setting for “Deep Valley” where her Betsy-Tacy books were set. Betsy and Tacy’s houses, located in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood, have been restored and are a popular destination for both visitors and locals alike.

On May 30th, 2015, The Boy in Blue Memorial Project held its dedication ceremony for the unveiling of the recreated ‘Boy in Blue’ memorial in Lincoln Park, honoring the courage, sacrifice, dedication and patriotism of the Blue Earth County, Minnesota Volunteer Soldier 1861 – 1865.

(See also the City of Mankato Historical Context Study for more on the Lincoln Park Neighborhood.)

The Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association

The focus of the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association is to help build on the strong relationships between our neighbors, the City of Mankato, and the State of Minnesota, while also helping to preserve the historic nature of the Lincoln Park Neighborhood.

As part of the association’s efforts, we host annual neighborhood events such as the Spring Tea on the Lawn, the Historic Neighborhood Tour of Homes and Gardens, and the Night to Unite, where neighbors can get together to enjoy food, local neighborhood bands, and each other’s company.

Click on the map below for a larger version showing the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association’s boundaries:


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